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There are some great alternatives on the market, notably Flock – which pitches itself as a "team communication app and online collaboration platform", as well as the "most economical alternative to Slack".

Mural works across all manner of devices, and gives teams a shared digital whiteboard on which to collaborate remotely

While many design studios swear by the hands-on, analogue approach of gathering the team in a room with a whiteboard, a flip-chart, sketches or Post-Its stuck to the wall, when it comes to remote collaboration this approach isn't feasible.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to facilitate brainstorming online, to make sure everyone feels involved in the process. Once such tool is Mural , which enables team members to share thoughts visually.

Files, links and documents can all be dragged and dropped onto a shared digital drawing board which is updated in real-time, so two particularly opinionated team members can even have a live argument over a concept from opposite sides of the country.

Another popular brainstorming tool is Conceptboard , which is optimised for creative teams and provides flexible, web-based collaborative whiteboards. Like Mural, it facilitates simple drag-and-drop sharing of files for team members to annotate and discuss.

Asana is the king of the to-do list, and arguably the most task-focused app on this list – it's all about assigning and completing jobs

Task management is one of the most important parts of managing a complex project, particularly when multiple people are involved at different stages. It gets even more complicated when they're based remotely.

Asana is perfect for this very specific part of the collaboration process, as it's structured entirely around lists of tasks – which can be attributed to individual team members, with accompanying deadlines.

One of the most useful aspects is the ability to convert emails directly into tasks, either from your G-Suite email using the free plugin or by sending an email to an address associated with a particular project.

For small businesses and freelancers, Asana is free for the first 15 users - with unlimited projects and tasks included – but pricing then increases in tiers, with additional features coming into play such as task dependencies and custom fields.

Asana's biggest rival Trello has a much more visual, Post-It-inspired interface where teams can share sketches and mockups as well as tasks to complete

The most direct rival to Asana is Modal Scarf BURGUNDY TEXTURED ORBS by VIDA VIDA Vy5AdZ
, which is also a user-friendly project management tool that helps facilitate remote collaboration – but rather than being based on task lists, is structured more like a virtual pinboard.

Whether you choose Asana or Trello really depends on how you, and your team, prefer to visualise projects. Where Asana is brutally simple and list-based, giving you the satisfaction of ticking things off, Trello gives you Post-It note-style 'cards' that can include text, photos, drawings and mockups.

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Tablets, 3D movies, music services, and online stores are all results of good ideas. But a good idea is not enough; you must also be able to produce it. Therefore, behind every new product or service lies an innovative and creative process of development and production where engineers, designers, and product developers cooperate closely. They make sure that the functionality is first class, that everything works and looks like it is supposed to, and that the price is right.


Manufacturing and Operations Engineering is a three-year Bachelor’s programme at AAU CPH , where you will learn how to produce a product or a service, and you will gain useful insight into relevant technology and management tools.

To realise and produce a good idea or concept with modern technologies is an interdisciplinary task, where classic educations like mechanical engineering or computer science will only cover about half of the relevant topics.

A manufacturing and operations engineer has insight into aspects such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, management and business administration, and even aspects like product design and innovation. This means that, during the Bachelor’s programme in Manufacturing and Operations Engineering, you will explore for example:

You will work with programming as a way of learning to optimise processes because programming is one of the most important skills within manufacturing and operations engineering. Your work with programming will include PLC (Programable Logic Controller), automation and robot technology.

In order to work on a managing level as well as on a technological level, once you finish your education, you will learn to communicate with product designers, and translate their wishes into technological solutions as well as guide the product designers towards design solutions that can be produced efficiently.